Diesel engine

An experienced specialist makes all the difference when remanufacturing a diesel engine. Rebuildgroup offers this service through MRT Engines, experts in the field of the overhaul, repair and delivery of diesel engines of all makes and sizes. MRT Engines sets itself apart by fast turnaround times and a sharp eye for detail. It makes every difference in terms of both rates and quality. In 2008, MRT Engines were awarded best remanufacturing and repair centre.

Do you want to contact MRT Engines for the overhaul, repair or delivery of an exchange engine? Please feel to contact Rebuildgroup for this, as well as for any other enquiries that you may have, by calling +31 (0) 413 34 20 14.

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Diesel engine. Overhaul or repair?

Thanks to an advanced, well-equipped workshop, MRT Engines is highly efficient. A lot of money has been invested in the efficiency of the company, bringing rates down. When you contact MRT Engines with a faulty diesel engine, it will quickly provide you with a diagnosis, free of charge. Based on the options that are available, it is decided in consultation with you which course of action to follow. MRT Engines opts for a customer-specific approach in terms of offering advice and always offer the most suitable and cost-effective option. If it appears that the diesel engine does not require an overhaul, you will hear there and then. In the event that it does need to be reconditioned and the temporary loss of the engine is a costly setback for you, you have the option of using an exchange engine from our wide range of exchange engines held in stock.

About MRT Engines

In 2008, MRT Engines were awarded best remanufacturing and repair centre by the coordinating collective industrial organisation for European remanufacturing and repair centres. That was the icing on the cake, as MRT Engines has grown into one of the largest remanufacturing and repair centres in the Netherlands in only a few years. MRT Engines, together with its sister company in Poland, is continuously developing and growing in the market. MRT Engines is therefore proud to say that it is a progressive player in the absolute top of its industry.