Fuel pump overhaul

Stokking Diesel Service is a specialist in the field of fuel pumps and part of Rebuildgroup. This professional company is one of few in the Netherlands specialised in diesel engines and all its applications. Stokking Dieselservice is the right partner for the overhaul of your fuel pump! Purchasing new fuel pumps at this specialist is also possible; extensive professional expertise is combined with a wide range of fuel pumps of makes that include Bosch, Delphi (Lucas), Denso, Yanmar and Stanadyne.

Do you want to contact Stokking Dieselservice for the overhaul of your fuel pump? Please call Rebuildgroup at +31 (0)182 513 422.

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Reconditioned or new fuel pump?

Stokking Dieselservice has two workshops, fitted with advanced equipment for fast diagnosing. Based on the test results, we will always make a fair assessment, bearing in mind that you need a fast and cost-effective service. When we recondition a fuel pump, we guarantee that its performance matches that of a new fuel pump. We test the fuel pumps on Bosch and Hartridge testbenches to be sure. If we feel that the purchase of a new fuel pump would be the better option after all, regardless of the reason thereof, you can be sure you will be advised accordingly and sincerely.

About Stokking Diesel Service

This specialist is situated in Gouda, the Netherlands, yet services customers all over the world. This includes both private individuals and companies. Many years of experience and investment in the training of our team combined with the advanced equipment in our two workshops guarantee craftsmanship of the highest quality. We consider providing a balanced service of paramount importance. We offer a 24/7 service to our customers through our field sales department and are always keen to help. For further information, you can contact us with or without appointment.

Do you have a fuel pump that needs remanufacturing? If so, contact us for further information. We are keen to explain the options of overhaul and new purchases.