The Stanadyne fuel pump

Stanadyne is manufacturer of a wide range of high-precision elements for diesel engines and with its fuel pumps is an important market share holder. The Stanadyne fuel pump is fitted in many engines. In view of its high-precision product features, it is recommended that you contact a specialist for repairs or overhauls.

Stokking Diesel in Gouda, the Netherlands, is an important part of Rebuildgroup and specialist in fuel pumps. The company is unsurpassed for the repair or overhaul of Stanadyne fuel pumps, yet Stokking Diesel is also the right address for the purchase of a new Stanadyne model.

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Stanadyne fuel pump: reconditioned or new?

The refined technology of a Stanadyne fuel pump requires a lot of experience and insight when remanufacturing. Some workplaces will be inclined to advise you to have the fuel pump replaced, whereas in many cases this is not a direct requirement. With the correct equipment and thorough craftsmanship, a Stanadyne fuel pump will once again perform in accordance with factory standards. Stokking Diesel has two ultramodern workshops, fitted with equipment developed in conjunction with Stanadyne. Stokking Diesel specialises in Stanadyne fuel pumps, among other things. Many years of experience with this make means that your Stanadyne fuel pump is returned as new.

About Stokking Diesel

Stokking Diesel in Gouda, the Netherlands, is the largest specialist in the field of fuel pumps in the Netherlands, boasting nearly 40 years of experience. Stanadyne fuel pumps, as well as models by other manufacturers such as Bosch, Delphi and Denso, are reconditioned in one of the two excellent workshops. Stokking Diesel is perfectly equipped to service both private individuals as well as professionals from the automotive sector. Do you want to find out more about our services? Do you have a question or want to make an appointment? If so, please feel to contact Rebuildgroup, by calling +31 (0)182 513 422.