Automatic gearbox overhaul

The convenience of an automatic gearbox is highly addictive. Once you have driven it, you probably still are. Yet the share of manual transmission vehicles in Europe is significantly higher, which slightly complicates the situation if you drive an automatic and need to locate a specialist who can recondition your automatic gearbox to the highest possible standard.

Autotransmission BV is an important part of Rebuildgroup and has developed into a specialist in the field of automatic gearbox overhauls. Autotransmission services both the corporate market and private individuals and still considers a customer-oriented services approach combined with fast turnaround times of paramount importance.

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Automatic gearbox overhaul or repair?

The breakdown of your automatic gearbox does not mean it needs an overhaul. In most cases a repair suffices. Since you depend on our advice, you can rest assured that your specialist will provide you with correct and sound advice when you contact him for assistance. At Autotransmission, the diagnosis of your automatic gearbox is free of charge. We inform you of the problem and whether your automatic gearbox needs an overhaul or a repair. If you choose us to recondition your automatic gearbox, you can rest assured that it will perform like new. We subject the automatic gearbox to repetitive tests and measurements, using advanced equipment. Further still, all our overhauls of automatic gearboxes include a 12-month guarantee!

About Autotransmission BV

Autotransmission is situated in Veenendaal and uses this operational base to service a large customer base throughout the Netherlands. We have a modern workplace staffed with 8 experiences engineers who are committed to providing our highly-valued service on a daily basis. We set ourselves apart by providing short turnaround times, a proven track-record in quality and warranty and a highly competitive price.

Do you want to find out more about our services? Please feel free to contact Rebuildgroup for an appointment or an answer to any of your questions with regard to the overhaul of your automatic gearbox. You can call us on +31 (0)318 525 833.