Automatic gearbox repair

The number of cars fitted with automatic transmission in the Netherlands is relatively low. If you drive an automatic, you will know that finding the right specialist for the repair or overhaul of your gearbox is not always straightforward. Autotransmission BV of Veenendaal, the Netherlands is part of Rebuildgroup and a specialist in gearboxes. It is one of few companies in the Netherlands to offer this level of expertise. These experts can repair an automatic gearbox with their eyes closed!

Autotransmission mostly works for companies with their own vehicle fleets, for insurers, leas companies and other professionals. However, as a private individual you are also more than welcome when your automatic gearbox needs repairing. Interested? Call Rebuildgroup, and find out what Autotransmission can do for you. The number to call is +31 (0)318 525 833.

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Repair or overhaul of your automatic gearbox?

There is a distinct difference in having your automatic gearbox repaired or reconditioned. In the event of an overhaul, the automatic gearbox is fully disassembled and all parts are inspected and measured using advanced equipment. The automatic gearbox is fully reassembled using new parts where needed and includes a 12-month warranty, guaranteeing the automatic gearbox performing in accordance with factory standards. However, such an overhaul is of course not always needed. If your automatic is to be repaired, the diagnosis is aimed at locating the part causing the problem. This part is then replaced. The automatic gearbox is nevertheless thoroughly tested thereafter, so that we can guarantee the performance of the repaired automatic gearbox is still as good as new. Automatic gearboxes repaired by us include a 3-month warranty.

About Autotransmission BV

Autotransmission BV is situated in Veenendaal and repairs and reconditions the gearboxes of vehicle fleets of companies throughout the Netherlands. We also service private individuals and keep a substantial stock of parts and automatic gearboxes to always keep turnaround times down. Our workshop is manned by specialist engineers who guarantee the quality of their repairs and overhauls thanks to advanced equipment.