Multitronic repair

Multitronic is a gearbox that was first marketed by Audi in 2000. Multitronic was designed on the basis of reduced fuel consumption and unsurpassed comfort. Front-wheel drive Audi owners (Multitronic is not available for 4wd) fitted with a Multitronic gearbox absolutely need an experienced specialist when it comes to the overhaul and possible repair thereof!

Autotransmission BV in Veenendaal is one of few in the Netherlands with this level of expertise and specialist knowledge of Multitronic. The company offers a fast, high-quality service by applying a customer-oriented service approach and philosophy. Does your Multitronic need repairing? Make sure to have it done properly first time!

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Multitronic overhaul or repair?

It is of course possible that the repair of your Multitronic does not suffice. However, how can you tell what the best and most cost-effective solution would be? As part of the overhaul of a gearbox, each detail is reconditioned in line with original quality levels, whereas a repair only replaces or repairs the affected parts. That does of course make a considerable difference in costs. Autotransmission diagnoses your Multitronic, free of charge. Repair or overhaul? Sound advice is certainly healthier for your wallet!

About Autotransmission BV

Autotransmission is situated in Veenendaal and services a large customer base throughout the Netherlands. We have an ultramodern workshop where a team of 8 experienced engineers use advanced equipment to thoroughly inspect the Multitronic gearbox. The gearbox is also frequently tested during and after the repair in order to once again guarantee the best possible performance.

Do you want us to repair your Multitronic, but need a cost-estimate first? Or do you have a question on one of our services? Rebuildgroup answers all your questions, You can call us on +31 (0)318 525 833.