Electric steering pump

Auto Elect B.V. is a specialist with a proven track-record in steering columns and as such an important part within Rebuildgroup. Auto Elect is one of few companies in the Netherlands to have built up such an in-depth expertise of electric steering pumps. The service package of Auto Elect is highly diverse, ranging from repairs to overhauls and from advice to sales. This professional company services a customer base that includes impressive names from the racing world, Formula 1 and the corporate market. Yet its customer-oriented approach is also aimed at smaller customers, a target audience that Auto Elect has not lost site of despite all its success.

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Electric steering pumps of any make!

The ample experience gained by Auto Elect during more than 20 years runs parallel to an equally impressive product range of electric and electronics steering pumps. Both new and reconditioned models can be instantly delivered from stock, at all times. All our models include a 2-year warranty!

Overhauls are carried out by us in an ultramodern workshop, fitted with advanced testing facilities that guarantee the quality of the steering pumps. During the overhaul, the steering pump is repeatedly tested to ensure a once again optimal performance. An electric steering pump reconditioned by us truly is as good as new!

About Auto Elect B.V.

Auto Elect - Hydroline B.V. is situated in Zeewolde and uses this operational base to service a large customer base throughout the Netherlands. We are specialists in steering gear houses, air-conditioning compresses and all related applications. You can contact us for repairs and overhauls with or without appointment. If you do not live locally, you can also use our rapid collection service to send us parts.

Do you want to contact Auto Elect for an overhaul or other information? Please feel free to contact Rebuildgroup, they will answer any questions that you have, The number to dial is +31 (0)36 521 4979.