An exchange turbo of Rebuildgroup

As part of Rebuildgroup, C&E turbochargers is the specialist in the field of turbochargers. We are the right address for the overhaul of a turbo, the purchase of a new turbo or the exchange of an old one, regardless of make and model. With more than 20 years of experience in overhaul and repair, we can honestly say that C&E Turbocharger will be able to provide you with the service and professionalism you are looking for.

Are you looking for the right exchange turbo? Please feel free to contact Rebuildgroup. We will gladly let you know whether the turbo you are looking for is in stock. You can call us on +31 (0)33 465 53 79.

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Exchange your turbo!

If the performance of the turbo in your vehicle leaves much to be desired, it is high time for an overhaul. Yet an overhaul takes time, time that you may well not have. In that case, an exchange turbo is the ideal answer. Offer your old turbo for remanufacturing and make your choice from a wide selection of turbochargers of all makes and models. You can choose from reconditioned or new turbochargers, whichever suits you best. Our product range includes turbochargers of brands such as Honeywell (Garrett), BorgWarner (Schwitzer, KKK), Holset, IHI, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Bosch Mahle turbochargers and many others. All these makes form part of our standard stock and can be delivered instantly!

New or reconditioned turbo?

Do you ask yourself which choice is wiser? We can promise you that a reconditioned turbo performs just as well as a new one. In some cases a reconditioned turbo even outperforms its new counterpart! In order to guarantee the quality of a turbo, we use the hi-tech measuring equipment to test the turbo over and over. So you can rest assured about the quality you get!