A new leash of life for a second-hand turbo.

A second-hand turbocharger is perfectly suitable for remanufacturing. A turbocharger is one of few technologies in which a reconditioned turbo performs just as well as a new one. One of the conditions of attaining that quality is of course that the overhaul is carried out by a specialist. C&E Turbochargers is the turbo specialist within Rebuildgroup. With more than 20 years of experience, C&E Turbochargers and its expertise makes it an international player, servicing both private individuals and companies. Are you looking for a reconditioned, second-hand turbo? Please contact Rebuildgroup to find out whether your turbo is part of the extensive range. For further information, call +31 (0)33 465 53 79

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A second-hand turbocharger of C&E

C&E Turbochargers has a modern workshop, equipped with the latest equipment for remanufacturing and measurements. A second-hand turbo is thoroughly inspected and tested. The turbocharger is disassembled and any worn parts are replaced. The body and the other parts are professionally cleaned after which the turbo is assembled again. This results in a turbo that literally looks like new. In order to ensure that the turbocharger also performs like new, it is repeatedly tested. When you buy a reconditioned turbo at C&E Turbochargers, you can rest assured to buy absolute craftsmanship.

About C&E Turbochargers

This turbo specialist is situated in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, yet has been working for private individuals and companies from far afield. Thanks to its collection service, you can offer your second-hand turbo for remanufacturing without the need to travel to Amersfoort. C&E Turbochargers is the right address for the overhaul of your turbo, the purchase of new and second-hand turbochargers and for the exchange of your turbo. C&E has a highly comprehensive range of all well-known makes, including Honeywell (Garrett), BorgWarner (Schwitzer, KKK), Holset, IHI, Mitsubishi, and Toyota and Bosch Mahle turbochargers. Most types of turbocharger can be instantly delivered from stock, both new and second-hand.