A golden team for remanufacturing!!

Rebuildgroup is an alliance between five leading remanufacturing and repair centres for car parts in the Netherlands. All of our members are specialists in a different discipline. Rebuildgroup is the right address for the overhaul of your turbo, engine, steering-mechanism, air-conditioning compressor (automatic) gearbox and fuel pump. All our members are major players in the sector and work in ultramodern workshops with the most up-to-date knowhow in their specialist discipline. This enables Rebuildgroup to guarantee an as-new quality of components reconditioned by one of our specialists. The overhaul of car parts meets the strict requirements set by you. You can rest assured that during an overhaul, the most up-to-date product modifications are implemented, when possible. The customer base of our members largely consists of companies such as lease companies, dealers, importers, insurance companies, car repair shops and even Formula 1 teams.

The possibilities that have emerged from our alliance are practically limitless, both for us and our customers. Do you have a question the answer to which is not listed on the website? If so, please feel to contact Rebuildgroup. For further information, call +31 (0)33 465 53 79

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Together you are strong. That applies to many different situations. Rebuildgroup is a coordinating alliance between five progressive remanufacturing and repair centres for car parts in the Netherlands. Each manufacturing and repair centre has its own specialist discipline, but we all operate in the same sector. By sharing knowledge and bundling our forces, we are able to offer our customers an unsurpassed service level. Members of Rebuildgroup use each other's networks and align service provision to quality. The development of our knowledge and expertise is brought together, enabling each member of Rebuildgroup to provide the best possible overhaul and repair service, while remaining highly competitive combined with a customer-oriented service approach.