Steering gear housing overhaul

Auto Elect B.V. is a specialist with a proven track-record in steering mechanisms and all modern aspects of this technology and as such an important part within Rebuildgroup. Auto Elect has some impressive names from the racing and rally world in its customer base, as well as Formula 1 teams. In addition, Auto Elect works for a large variety of importers, lease companies and even car manufacturers.

Do you have a steering gear housing that needs remanufacturing? In that case, Auto Elect is your safest bet. Auto Elect has been the absolute number one when it comes down to the repair and overhaul of your steering gear housing.

Do you want to contact Auto Elect? Or do you have any questions that need answering? Please contact Rebuildgroup by calling +31 (0)36 521 4979

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Need an overhaul? Your steering gear housing newer than new!

The committed Auto Elect team has a strong affinity with the developments of technology. Thanks to close cooperation with the manufacturers, we always have the disposal of the latest parts and most up-to-date knowhow. You can therefore rest assured that your steering gear housing is always reconditioned in accordance with the latest modifications. We only install the latest authentic parts in the steering gear housing ensuring a performance in accordance with the most up-to-date standards. We thus apply a highly result-oriented approach when remanufacturing your steering gear housing! Do you have a problem with your steering gear housing, but you do not live locally? Not to worry! Thanks to the fast collection service you can send your steering gear housing to us for remanufacturing or repair. You are guaranteed a free diagnosis and an extremely short turnaround time!

About Auto Elect B.V.

Auto Elect - Hydroline B.V. is situated in Zeewolde, the Netherlands, but services a nationwide customer base in both the corporate and private markets. We have a modern workshop with specialist engineers using advanced testing facilities to offer the best possible service for the remanufacturing, repair and new purchase of all applications in any type of steering gear housing. Our product range includes makes such as Delphi, Koyo, Vistion, etc.

Our products and overhauls include a warranty of no fewer than 2 years!