Gearbox overhaul

Autotransmission BV is part of Rebuildgroup and a national specialist in the overhaul and repair of gearboxes. Thanks to the many years of experience held in our team, we are able to service the corporate market with the overhaul of gearboxes for their vehicle fleets. In addition private individuals are also more than welcome to contact us with their faulty gearbox. Autotransmission considers short turnaround times and a customer-oriented service of paramount importance. Thanks to our strong focus, we are flawless in selecting the most cost-effective solution for every overhaul.

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Need an overhaul? Your gearbox as good as new!

When we recondition your gearbox, you can rest assured of a performance that will match that of a new gearbox. Our ultramodern workshop is tooled up with advanced equipment that is used for testing the performance of the gearbox before, during and after the overhaul. In some cases, a repair may be more desirable than an overhaul, whereas in others an overhaul is no longer an option. In either case you can expect us to make a fair assessment before incurring any costs. Therefore, the diagnosis of the gearbox you offer to us for remanufacturing is always free of charge!

About Autotransmission BV

Autotransmission is situated in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, and has a modern workshop and eight highly experienced engineers. Together they service a large customer base throughout the Netherlands with the overhaul and repair of both manual and automatic gearboxes. Customers mainly include companies such as lease companies, dealers and large companies with their own vehicle fleet, yet Autotransmission also provides this service to private individuals. We always have a large stock of gearboxes and parts so that we can be provide you with a fast, non-complex and cost-effective service.

Do you want to contact us? Please feel to contact Rebuildgroup by calling +31 (0)318 525 833.