Do you need an engine overhaul?

An engine overhaul can be an expensive decision. So it is good to know that you have the option of choosing a company that can keep costs low by being innovative. MRT Engines is an important part of Rebuildgroup and specialists in remanufacturing engines of practically every car make. Thanks to its broad experience in the sector and a Polish sister company for outsourcing, MRT Engines is able to keep to its overhaul rates noticeably low.

Are you looking for a specialist that is unsurpassed in engine overhaul? Please feel free to contact Rebuildgroup, they will answer any questions that you have, of obligation. You can call us on +31 (0) 413 34 20 14.

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Engine overhaul or exchange?

MRT Engines has an ultramodern workshop and employs a motivated team of specialist engineers. Thanks to the well-equipped workshop, this specialist comes with a guarantee on the overhaul quality. Only authentic parts are used, while the engine is adjusted in accordance with the latest product modifications, if possible. A reconditioned engine is therefore guaranteed to perform on a par with its new counterparts.

However, an overhaul is not efficient in all cases. Perhaps your vehicle fleet is temporarily incomplete or you miss out on important order due to the engine being down. MRT Engines always maintains ample stocks of reconditioned exchange engines, ready and waiting on the shelf. You will be on your way in no time and we will recondition the engine at a later time.

About MRT Engines

MRT Engines is situated in Veghel, the Netherlands, with a branch in Poland for a variety of disciplines. The gigantic workshop in the Netherlands is the operational base for no fewer than 50 specialist engineers, making MRT Engines one the largest remanufacturing and repair centres. The company is an established player in the very top of the sector. In 2008 MRT Engines won the APRA Remanufacturer of the Year award.