Also for new turbochargers...

Remanufacturing is a beautiful concept in which old is converted into new. However, sometimes remanufacturing is not the answer. It is either not viable or the damage is irreversible. If you are looking for a new turbocharger, then turbo specialist C&E Turbochargers is the right address for you. With more than 20 years of experience under their belt, C&E Turbochargers can honestly say that it knows everything there is to know about turbochargers, regardless of make. Its wide range of products includes all well-known turbo makes and they are always deliverable straight from stock. C&E Turbochargers offers both new and reconditioned models.

Do you want to find out whether we have a specific type of turbo in stock? Please feel to contact us, we are glad to be of service. You can call us on +31 (0)33 465 53 79.

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New turbochargers of any make!

You not finding the right turbo at C&E Turbochargers is highly unlikely. We always keep sufficient stock of turbochargers of makes, including Honeywell (Garrett), BorgWarner (Schwitzer, KKK), Holset, IHI, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Bosch Mahle turbochargers and many more. In the event that a turbocharger is not part of the product range or out of stock, most types and models can be ordered for you. We highly recommend contacting us first to check whether we are able to supply your type of turbo.

New or reconditioned turbo?

We would like to remind you of the extensive selection of reconditioned turbochargers of C&E Turbochargers. A properly reconditioned turbo matches the overall performance of a new one. We therefore recommend checking first whether you do in fact need a new turbo. C&E Turbochargers also offers the possibility of exchanging your old turbo for a new one. These types of turbochargers are also held in stock!